Residential lands in Hyderabad

What makes your investment on a residential land fruitful? Read below to know more.

If you plan to settle down in Hyderabad for the rest of your life, then don’t just depend on your rented
place. It’s high time you start to spend your savings or take a loan to buy a land and build your own
house. Residential lands in Hyderabad have a huge demand and are available at a moderate price in
the outskirts of the city.
For any middle-class person, investment is a big decision. One has to consider several things before
buying a land. Now, what are the important elements that one should focus on before making an
investment on residential lands?
• Be very particular about the location- For any property, location is a fundamental factor. From the
price to the resale value everything depends on the location. Any person before investing should
consider the basic amenities like hospitals, schools, shopping markets etc. Transport connectivity is also
important in the outskirts. The lands are mostly located in the outer area of the city and it is important
to have a proper connectivity. Though people are advised to have their own vehicle yet public transport
are a real need.
• Know the setback of the property if any- Remember that an investment is not an easy task. It
involves several aspects. The first major step that you should consider is the setback of a property.
There are several rules and regulations which are imposed on the owner by the government before they
can build their house on the land. Try to have an in-depth knowledge on everything that comes along in
the process of buying.
• Utilities and its cost- Make sure to have a good idea of the several utilities and its cost before you
shift to your new abode. The following things are really important for your living

 Power supply- How is the power supply in the area? What is the price per unit?
 Water supply- What is the current situation of the water supply in the area where you are
buying the land?
 Cooking gas
 Waste
• Maintenance work- Be sure about who is responsible for the maintenance of the surrounding area?
If there is any water logging then who will be responsible to clean up the mess? Like this, there are
several things that you should know about the maintenance work in the area.
The city Hyderabad is now quite a resourceful place in terms of jobs and even business. People are
migrating from other cities to grow a successful career over here. Residential lands in Hyderabad are
now available for sale. Though it is located in the outskirts but the place is well connected with the main
city. People will definitely enjoy the sheer benefit of buying it at an affordable price and enjoy a good
stay. But before you buy remember the points mentioned above.

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