Can South India ever become the downtown of India?

terracon 20-06 The calculation of plots and shares are always subjected to growth and depreciation. After the inclusion of GST, there is a huge change in the complete outlook of this business.  The rates, availability and the consequent changes have turned out to be more unpredictable than it has been in the previous years.  If we take a look at the real estate foreground of South India, we can see that it has became a silent crusader, which has been fighting hard to make a place for itself in the run of this business. Land sale in Mysore and such places predict the affordability mantra present in the Southern India than the other metropolitan.

 With time we can notice improvement in transparency in the real estate business in South India which is quite appreciable. If we look at the statistics of the stock exchange and increase then one can easily relate the improvisations taken place from that part. Everyone demands for healthy, hygienic retail places for dwelling as well as commercial needs. We can see huge polarization in terms of malls or high streets. This even makes the conversation ratio of plots clear and significant.

 If you take a look at the properties of these areas like the land sale in Mysore and interior Kerela, there is a huge growth in the price after GST addition, whereas areas like interior of Chennai like Ambattur , Villivakkam had gone through depreciation on that particular count. Tier I city used to be focused previously but now its tier II cities which are considered worthwhile. The same impact carries along the other southern regions as well. Secondary hubs can be found developing in the cities of Mysore, Kochi, and Coimbatore, to get a better milestone to business.

 So if one notices the changes which have been witnessed by this part of India, one can wonderfully claim that south India is on its way in making a place for itself in this world of real estate in this long run.

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